About Graffiti Gloves

Have you seen these artistic glove boxes? Hygiene is the most import aspect in your salon or studio. We agree! So why not make it nice to look at? You used to purchase very plain boxes with gloves, now you can spice it up with these fun Graffiti boxes. Every size Graffiti Gloves box has its own graffiti design. These strong gloves are developed with the tattoo and piercing industry in mind with a wink to their graffiti past. We offer you latex and nitrile gloves. Read more about the gloves below.

The Graffiti Gloves have the best price / quality ratio in the market all over Europe. Interested? Find your Graffiti Gloves dealer nearby below.

All Graffiti Gloves meet all European quality requirements.
Produced conform AQL 1.5 EN 374 EN 420 EN 455

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Graffiti Gloves - Latex - Black - Box of 100

These boxes with black LATEX gloves contain 100 pieces of gloves. We have 5 sizes of this disposable glove available; XS, S, M, L and XL.

The gloves are made of anti allergenic Latex, this natural rubber gives you much comfort and flexibility during your work. And most importantly, they are a good protection against bacteria for a hygienic workarea. The high quality gloves have a strong grip and perfect feel.

Prefer Nitrile gloves? We also have Nitrile disposable gloves available in 10 and 100 pieces boxes.

Graffiti Gloves - Latex - Black - Convention Box of 10

This Convention box contains 10 black LATEX gloves. Super easy to bring on a convention or studiovisit. This small box could even easily fit in a small hand- or backpack.

The LATEX Gloves with 10 pieces are available in 5 sizes; XS, S, M, L and XL. Each size had it's own unique graffiti design on the box.

Graffiti Gloves - Nitrile - Black - Box of 100

These black disposible gloves are made of NITRILE and have a great amount of grip and feel. If you prefer to work with nitrile over latex these gloves are the best option for you. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber, thicker than latex and very strong.

The high quality Nitrile Graffiti Gloves come in a box of 100 pieces. They are available in the sizes; Extra small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL). Every size of gloves have their own Graffiti art design on the box.

Graffiti Gloves - Nitrile - Black - Convention Box of 10

The NITRILE gloves also come in a box of 10 pieces. The Convention box is easy to bring anywhere with you and fits easily in any small bag or case.

These Graffity Gloves are available in 5 sizes with each their own art design on the box. The sizes are; XS, S, M, L and XL.



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